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Resume Online Can Employers Find You?

Each year posting your resume online becomes more important to your job hunt. With such a valuable resource at your fingertips, it would be a loss not to take advantage of it. Our directory gives a job hunter like yourself another outlet to tell employers about the value you can bring to their business. No matter in which field you work, posting can benefit you in many ways.

Resume Online Features

resume online To get the full effect from our free services, create your resume, cover letter, and reference page here. Then go ahead and post your resume online in our directory. There is no cost to do this, so why not take any help you can get? Moreover, speaking of help, we have a help and tips library to aid in building your career. Post your resume online to give yourself a higher chance of being found by potential employers who need a person with the skills you possess for a job. When you use our free Resume Management System to create a resume online, you are accessing the power of the web. You will have your resume available to be viewed by employers all hours of the day and night.

Do You Want Your Resume Online?

You may create your resume, cover letter and reference page plus other supporting documents here for free then, print them out or send them to someone. If you send it as an email through our control panel it is only seen by the person to whom you send it. Increase your opportunities, leverage your exposure by posting your no cost resume online in our directory for free. There it will be available for viewing 24/7/365 for as long as you choose to make it publicly viewable.

If at any point, you would like to remove it, you may do so by logging into your account and updating your profile. From your account, you can modify your listing and tailor your directory description to attract employers better. When you do get a job, you can log in to the Resume Management Control Panel and remove your listing from the directory. You can also delete it from the system entirely, whichever you desire.

There is no fee to post your resume online or even to create/print/export/send your resume and other supporting documents. There are no costs to create or post your resume online, and you can come back to update or add to it any time it is needed. You may also want to view our Privacy Policy page and Terms of Service page. We give you the benefit of posting your resume online in our directory to increase your chances of being found by an employer. Popular search engines index this list, so employers searching from those places can find employees that meet their needs. The control panel is also a convenient place to access your online resume from anywhere to print, export, send, get help, and more.

How Do You Get Started?

resume online What do other job hunters who have already used our services say? Find out for yourself by reading their testimonials on our visitor feedback page. Please get started by first creating your resume using our builder then, create an account within the program and make it public. As we have said, we do not force you to post in the directory, that's your choice. From there, you can create any other documents that you need to get hired. That's all there is to it! If you find you don't like it, take it down and delete your account, you are in control of your information. Try it out see what you think. We believe we can help!
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