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Management, inside sales, seller-doers, and other types of business professionals belong in this free Business Resume Directory. They will find it to be an appropriate place to list their skills and abilities. Here they can describe what they are looking for in a job. Business is one of the largest and most in-demand fields, so post your resume to get started with your job search!

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free business resumes directory This category is extensive, but since graduates can earn a college degree that encompasses business, we thought it would be prudent to host a category based on this topic. Job seekers who possess a business degree can post their resumes here if they find the other categories don't match their career goals. This broad category of job positions can include a Business Development Manager, an IT Project Manager, a Budget Director or a Payroll Director to list a few.

This category is not limited to these listed positions. It is in your best interest to carefully choose the most appropriate category for the job you wish to secure. For help with selecting the best category that fulfills your needs, you can browse each category to see other members' resumes. Discover what their qualifications are and the various positions they have held. If you have yet to build a resume online you are certainly welcome to do so all for no cost!

Displaying 26 public resumes in this category.

"I am a well rounded individual with a great attitude. I have been known as a jack of all trades and am willing to learn new things."
"Third year college student"
"An excellent conveyor of ideas via oral and written communication looking to contribute my clerical and administrative skills for the greater good of the company."
"My objective is to obtain a management position in a growing company where I can utilize my skills and traits to continue career and personal growth."
"Customer Service Professional"
"Seeking a Leadership Position where my 10+ years of leadership skills will be beneficial and further developed through new experiences and training."
"I wanna grow with a company i love i have a drive too be nothing but the best and if i cant fullfill on my promise of doing it right 100% percent of the time i wont do it."
"Changing my career path from law enforcement to the private sector."
"Seeking Sales Executive Job with company that values self starters and expects high performance, with a focus in real estate holdings."
"My Objective for any place of employment is to gain a stronger work ethic. Taking these experience's and applying them my life and one day owning my own successful businesses."
"To become a valued, professional member of the Reynolds Consumer Products team. Using my skills and knowledge to benefit the overall operations."
"An active employee, involving responsibility and working with others as a team member to achieve advancement, and growth within the company."
"To obtain a position in a well respected organization with the possibilty of advancement and the ability to demonstrate my abilities provide to contribute to the overall success of the company."
"Accomplished retail sales manager offering 11 years of administrative experience managing national retailers. Consummate professional dedicated to achieving sales goals."
"Sales woman with a GED high school diploma."