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There is more to the field of education than primary and secondary teaching. Those teachers encompass a large portion of the educational profession. Some other positions may include college and preparatory school professors, special education instructors, summer camp teachers, and private tutors. The list continues, but if you fit into this category, post your resume to the free Education Resume Directory here and begin your job hunt today!

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free education resumes directory Teaching students is how we, as a society, transfer our knowledge to future generations. Education is a career that does not only apply to the teaching of children but is also necessary for employees in the workforce. They must add to their knowledge base so that they may perform their jobs effectively. Being an educator requires patience and persistence. To be able to help someone improve themselves is a gratifying endeavor.

You can post any form of education and teaching in this category. From teaching preschool to University professors to in-house job training, education is an important field. Everyone must know what to do to function in society. If you as an educator would like to be educated yourself please visit our career library for more info on writing and formatting your resume.

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"I am ready to make a change in my professional life. I am seeking a position that will allow me to use my experience with behaviorally challenging Elementary students."
"Customer Service Preschool"
"I am currently a Part Time Student seeking Part Time work"
"Dedicated student seeking an entry-level role in which to apply knowledge in area of study.Driven to contribute value through quick-learning, resourcefulness and skill for a skill."
"To obtain a position as a Substitute Teacher or Teacher's Aide"
"Experienced Teacher with 15+ years experience in providing supervision, guidance and Love to children in Preschool settings. Dedicated to Helping children better understand The World around them."