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Are you a doctor, nurse, therapist, technician, or administrator? Our health care system consists of the best trained and the best-qualified people, and we are grateful for it. Whenever we get sick or hurt, we automatically turn to our local medical staff to get us back to good health. Our Medical Resume Directory is a great place to tell recruiters in the health care field that you are seeking employment. That you are ready and able to care for patients, and you are qualified to do a great job.

Medical Resumes Posted by Our Members 1

free medical resumes directory There is an assortment of positions for which you could tailor your writing that will fit this category. If you work in the health care field in any capacity, you would want to post your resume in this category. The Human Resources department of a doctor's office, hospital, or medical center could visit to see the resumes our members have posted here online. If you are an administrator or a department head, you could also post here. If, as a manager, you think it would be better for your position, we also have a section with resumes for Administrators.

We have regular visits from recruiters who have the authority find and hire you. Don't get left behind post here today; it doesn't cost you anything, so you can't go wrong. Explore our career library while you are at it to get some assistance with compiling your information, writing, and optimizing your resume, cover letter and reference page.

Displaying 41 public resumes in this category.

"Cheerful, caring caregiver and dietary aide looking for full time work. Salary negotiable, Flexible hours. Willing to relocate anywhere in USA."
"Pharmacy Technician with over 10 years of success in a variety of work environments including sterile compounding."
"My objective is to enhance my skills and learn new ones while maintaining my dedication and great work ethic"
"Looking for a position that will utilize my extensive skills as a Radiologic Technologist of 20 years."
"I am looking for a career. I have much more experience than my resume reflects."
"Health Informatics Profession"
"Organized, goal-oriented, team player seeking a position in an established medical facility supporting physicians, nurses, and the other medical staff to facilitate patient care."
"A resident assistant position in an field where my skills can help the occupants of residence homes in enhancing the quality of life."
"Loving nurse with 15 years experience in healthcare. Knowledge in the care of med-surg patients and clients with addiction to narcotics. Seeking an advance in my nursing career with this company."
"I am looking to join a company that will allow me to contribute to its growth as well as assist me with broadening my skills."
"14 years experience in rhythm interpretation and Pulse oximetry"
"Utilize all my technical and professional skills at my greatest ability. Meet and exceed every career goal or objective. Become a leader of tomorrow."
"To acquire a position where I can help improve someone's quality of life on a daily basis. I wholeheartedly desire a career where I can make a difference in someone's day."
"Very outgoing. Certificates for wonderful customer service and team work. I love working with people and either doing what I have done before in past jobs, or learning new things."
"Motivated and Dedicated EMT - B, seeking to obtain a position of where I can apply over 3 years of pre-hospital and clinical experience."