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Professionals who transport our food and most other products we buy daily need only to create a resume and post it online for all employers to see. If you drive an eighteen-wheel tractor-trailer, limousine, taxi cab, or garbage truck, your resume belongs in this category. Any type of job that involves driving as its main focus is appropriate for this page. Post it here if you make your living by operating a vehicle, even if you are a ship captain. We are not limiting the page to land-based careers. Any vehicle would qualify as long as your employer pays you to operate it. Otherwise, if driving is only a small portion of your job, you probably would be better off posting in a different category.

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free transportation resumes directory Driving for a living has several important qualities that a driver will want to possess. A clean driving record is a good place to start, for certain classes of vehicles you will need special licensing. People who drive tractor-trailers and other large vehicles over a predetermined gross vehicle weight need a Commercial Drivers License (CDL). A highway patrol officer would not be a career that would belong on this page. Even though they spend most of their day driving, the focus of their position is law enforcement, not driving. We have many blank resume templates that will work well with a career in driving and transportation. Pick one out with our Resume Creator, write in your details and post it. An interesting article we choose about Eight Tips for Job Success may help you to be happier at work.

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"Resume for Richard Buckingham"
"Dedicated Customer Service Rep motivated to contribute to company success putting customer needs first and foremost making them feel they are my number one priority"
"Seasoned Art Handler/Driver seeking to secure a mutually beneficial position with a positive, forward looking company. To be a vital part of it's growth and success."
"looking for work and with my skills and experience the chance to show you that I can be a asset to the company"
"I'm a excellent driver and responsible, work hard at everything I do"
"Experienced 26ft. Box Truck Delivery Driver"
"Knowledgeable Fleet Manager"
"I wish to hold the position of delivery driver and utilize my skills to complete daily assignments and work tasks."
"Bulk Trailers and Diesel Engines"
"My objective is to help your company succeed."
"To find a good stable career with retirement and insurance. Preferably night or evening shift in safe airport or keller/Fort Worth area.. To work at a place where I can be an asset."
"Dependable, good worker, company minded."
"Motivated, young worker looking for experience in all types of fields. Willing to put in the man hours and hard work to get the job done."
"To obtain a truck driving position with a great company."
"Dedicated Safety Coordinator and Maintenance Resource Clerk motivated to maintain driver satisfaction and contribute to company success."