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Biggest Interview Mistakes

These are some of the biggest interview mistakes that can ruin your chances of getting a successful job interview and can make the difference between getting hired and being unemployed. Job interviews are a challenging aspect of the professional lifestyle, but they are inevitable and nonetheless necessary. Neglecting specific unspoken rules or disrespecting the process are significant mistakes that shouldn't even be considered before, during, or after a job interview.

Biggest Interview Mistakes

biggest interview mistakes Listed below are some on the most relevant and current job interview mistakes that you should avoid at all costs. Some of these pitfalls may seem like common sense but beware because most all of us commit them, that is, if you aren't paying attention. Many people feel that no matter what they do, they are a lousy interviewee. This feeling is nonsense; everyone can succeed if they play by the rules and understand what a company needs. Most of this pressure comes from the fear that resides within. Once you get over it and move past that fear, you will be surprised at what you can accomplish!

Biggest Interview Mistakes a Guide With Help and Tips

There is no absolute answer, by avoiding the mistakes that are listed below, you could potentially be in a better position to have a successful interview and obtain a job. Because you eliminated the pitfalls that you were supposed to avoid, does not mean you will gain a position. A job is more than an interview; a specific skill set is required as well as the proper qualifications. So please take note of these mistakes that people make, and do your best to avoid them.
  • Being Too Friendly
    The interviewer is there to do a job; they wish to see if you have what it takes to work at their place of employment. They will be looking for certain items that they require. While also evaluating your personality to see if you would be a good fit within the workplace.

    While it is important to be cheerful, enthusiastic, and friendly, make sure you don't get too friendly. It would help if you stuck to topics that reside within the realm of business professionalism. Never go into detail about your personal life unless they ask you, or it is relevant to your work.

    Also, make sure that your behavior remains appropriate throughout the interview, demonstrating inappropriate behavior now is a huge mistake. Leave foul language or inappropriate topics at home. If you are unsure about the topic of discussion, then the safest option is not to bring it up. If the company asks to view your Facebook page, be sure that you took care of any unsightly information before the meeting.
  • Underdressing
    Although this seems self-explanatory, it is surprising that many candidates show up wearing improper clothing. Sometimes it is the small details that will hold a candidate back. Details like a neat and tidy appearance, proper hygiene, and even using technology respectfully are essential aspects to observe. Walking into an interview glued to a cell phone screen, or with a Bluetooth headset or earbuds in your ears is completely disrespectful and wrong.

    The saying when it comes to proper dress is to dress for the job you want. As long as you research to understand what the proper attire to wear for the job you are applying for is, you should be golden.
  • Ignorance
    Although you may have ventured out and gone through countless interviews in the past week or month, you are not an expert on any company to which job you are applying. One of the biggest mistakes that are observed by recruiters is that their interviewees have no idea what their company does, or what job responsibilities they would have.

    It would be best if you took pride in each interview and clearly understood the company's mission statement. What does the company provide to the community? What is the description of the job for which you are applying? Do your research before the meeting and spend some time on the company's website, Facebook page, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Once you have a feel for what the company does and what they stand for, you can speak knowledgeably.
  • Being Late/Missing the Meeting
    One of the absolute worst mistakes that you can make during this process is showing up late or missing it completely. Your punctuality shows a lot about your character and the way you treat others. Not only is this disrespectful, but it wastes the valuable time of other professionals.

    If you have to reschedule an interview for a legitimate reason, call the appropriate contact, and explain your situation. If an unfortunate turn of events occurs and you know that you are going to be late, call or email your contact, once again explaining your predicament.
These are some of the biggest interview mistakes that people commonly make and that you should avoid. While some of these seem simple to correct, other solutions to these problems will only come about with self-discipline and practice. Good luck throughout this process.