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Visitor Feedback for Resume4Free

We intend to make this site and the services we provide the best they can be. To reach that goal, we ask for your help with pinpointing problems or identifying improvements that we can make to our existing infrastructure.

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visitor feedback for resume4free We also welcome suggestions for features that are important to building your career that we can implement in the future. You, as our visitor, will directly benefit from these improvements and upgrades when you use our programs. Our policy states that you don't pay us for our service. Any advancements we make to these programs will be a tremendous advantage to you when you are looking for employment.

If you are using one of our programs and you find you dislike something. If you see something confusing or if you can think of a better way to do something, we would like to hear about it. Many guests have written testimonials about how much they like what we have done here. If you would like to submit some feedback about Resume4Free, please take a minute to fill out the feedback form below. If you don't have time for that now, jump to the bottom of this page where you can leave a testimonial. In your own words, please tell others about how Resume4Free has helped you.

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  11. We would appreciate it if you would take a few seconds to write a short testimonial about how much you like your resume and the other documents you created here at Resume4Free. A short blurb about the simplicity, the helpfulness, and usefulness of our creator programs and help library would be great too! If you do submit your email, we would ONLY use it to ask you about your comments so we can completely understand your ideas. We don't have a mailing list, so there is no fear of being put on one. If you submit a testimonial, except for your email, we may post the comments you write publicly.

    The reasons I do or don't like Resume4Free …

    We appreciate your taking your time to fill out this feedback form. We need input from you and our other guests who use these creators, so we know what you need and to verify that everything works as well as we expect. When comments are submitted that surface a problem, we promptly investigate it, so it can be corrected or modified to streamline the process. If you have questions about submitting forms on this site our Terms and Privacy pages explain it all.