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search resume4free We made an effort to design the structure of this site so the navigation would be intuitive, making it easy to determine the location of everything. However, even with that intention in mind, you still may not know where a feature you need resides. Enter any words you want to use in the text box below and click the button. Your results will be displayed below. Google is the back end used to search the pages of this website. You may visit our Help and Tips Library to find help with writing and optimizing your resume, cover letter, reference page, and more.
Here is our quick tutorial on how to effectively search this website. It is best to enter keywords that are specific to locate one of our features and have accurate results returned. Put your keywords within quotes if you are looking for something that contains that exact term. If you wish to exclude irrelevant results that contain your keyword but do not involve what you are looking for, then put a minus sign in front of the undesired word. If you wish to include another keyword alongside your main keyword, put a plus sign in front of it. These little codes are called expressions. This method of using expressions can tailor your search for more accurate results, i.e. "resumes" -cover +write. This expression would return any page about resumes that doesn't talk about cover letters, but does talk about how to write resumes.