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Free Business Cards

Free business cards can be a mini resume for you to hand out when you are at a party or social situation. When you want to give a potential employer a copy of your resume, use free business cards. Use our Free Business Cards Creator to create double-sided networking business cards. They are a great tool to have on hand.

Free Business Cards

free business cards Here is a scenario of how these cards can benefit you. You are enjoying yourself at a party or other social situation when you find yourself in the position of striking up a conversation with someone who turns out to be a potential employer. You obviously will not have a resume in your pocket, or will you? If you create these cards, they are a simplified version of your resume with your most valuable skills and contact information readily available. Giving them to a potential employer will not only demonstrate your preparedness and forethought. However, it will give the recipient a condensed version of your skill set and contact information. This tool can only be of benefit to you, giving you a leg up over others who do not take advantage of this tactic.

You will be able to use our Free Business Cards Creator whenever you need it to print all the cards you want. We will not ask you to pay to print or download. Our Resume Management Suite will give you a complete resume, cover letter, reference page, and more. All for no cost. Our Free Business Cards Creator will help you with tips throughout to help you optimize your card's effectiveness. The help and tips included within the program will give you clues that you can use to create better business cards. There are no fees, costs, or obligations required of you to use our Free Business Cards Creator program.

So the big question is:
If I create my free business cards will I have to pay Resume4free to print them when I complete them?
The answer is no. You will not! So don't be concerned that you will be wasting your time because you will get them at no cost.

Free Business Cards Features

business cards Our Free Business Cards Creator can create all the cards you need. To make them, fill in the blanks, choose your favorite template style, fonts, and colors. You can also elect to have a classy monogram logo for your cards if you wish. The front side will contain your necessary contact information with four lines of skill info and a monogram logo. The reverse side will consist of the heading and three long lines of your material. The visibility of your information should help you get some extra exposure for your most relevant skills and accomplishments. When you finish, you will print them yourself, saving you the cost and trouble of using a printing company.

The simplicity of our system makes it easy to create your resume, cover letter, reference page, networking business cards, and interview thank-you letter. They will all be using the same style, colors, and fonts. Click the image below to begin!
Create your business cards for free