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Create a 4 Day Work Week

Create a 4 Day Work Week so that you can get more free time to enjoy yourself. This doesn't mean to work less but to arrange your time so you can get it all done in four days instead of five.

Working five days every week is overrated. Who doesn't want to only work four days each week and potentially gain a three day weekend for the rest of their career? While this seems like a dream that is too good to be true, you may see success at obtaining your goal if you discover a way to work with your company to get what you want.

Create a 4 Day Work Week

create a 4 day work week Now this goal is not necessarily going to be easy to achieve, especially when working with a manager or company that is very set in certain ways of doing things. However, by getting a little bit of help and learning to talk to decision makers in a persuasive manner you may just be able to get what you want, a four day work week.

Create a 4 Day Work Week

  • Working 4 Days

    Learning to negotiate a reduction or change in your hours while still getting paid the same amount of money can be a difficult skill that needs to be acquired, but the trick is to learn the art of compromise and persuasion. Although some of these tactics may work for some it doesn't mean that they will always be successful. You really need to have a good feel for your situation to know what types of things you can do or say in order to get what you want.
  • Assess Your Workplace

    Check your surrounding departments and the company in general to locate the trends and patterns that come into play regarding scheduling. Just because no one else in your company has 4 day work weeks doesn't mean that you will automatically be shot down when you request it.

    Observe the environment to determine the stress levels, and workloads that each department has to handle. For example if you observe a department which encounters a high stress level and ridiculous workloads, then the management is going to want to have all of their employees around as much as possible. However, if it is a slightly more relaxed environment you may have a better shot at getting four day work weeks.
  • Take it Slow

    You can't just come over to your manager and ask them to give you one day off every week. You have to take it in strides. So a suggestion is to bring the idea to the attention of your boss and request a trial period. You can ask to have one week in which you work four days but phrase it so that you are sure that you will be able to get the same amount of work done in less time. Perhaps you could work an extra hour each day? Whatever the suggestion be make sure that you come to a compromise.

    If you are an hourly employee and still need to make the same amount of money take the extra hours and distribute them among the other days. You may have a much heavier workload but it may be worth it to be at your job less days.
  • Suggest Alternatives to Still Get Work Done

    As mentioned above you are going to have to provide some kind of alternative in order to prove to your boss that you are going to be able to complete you work just as well as if you had gone in on all five days. Either suggest working more during the four days that you show up to the office, or even consider working from home. Home offices are such a popular notion in the workplace that it wouldn't be such a stretch to suggest it.
  • Consider Changing Companies

    When all else fails and you don't think you can negotiate with your current employer, you might want to think about changing companies. During the interviewing process, you would have to make it explicitly clear as to what your desired hours would be.

    If you are able to convince the hiring manager that your work ethic is good enough for you to only have four day work weeks then you may be able to negotiate a contract in which you have the hours that you have been striving for.
While it is ideal to simply be able to persuade your current employer to allow you to have a four day work week, it is not the only option. Sometimes switching companies may be the right choice for your situation. If you really want to create a four day work week, it is not impossible to obtain, but you just have to know how to use the art of rhetoric to get what you want.