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Resume Spelling Errors

Resume Spelling Errors are a no-no on your resume and cover letter if you expect to get a job that has a decent level of quality. The higher level the position the greater the requirements. Including spelling, this is a time when it is vital that you aren't sloppy with your words and you really take the time to spell them right.

Resume Spelling Errors

resume spelling errors In this all important document it is not a time to be lax in your writing, carelessly jotting down words and phrases to hurry and get it done. Instead, be precise and critical of your work especially something as simple to get right as spelling.

Our system has a built-in checker to look for resume spelling errors, though you can't rely solely on an automated system like a checker. It is limited by the number of words contained in its database and it checks the words for how they are spelled. It doesn't make sure the proper version of the word is used that is using proper grammar.

Resume Spelling Errors

There are many reasons why it is important to double-check your work when writing, here are a few of those reasons to help convince you how important if really is.
  • Sloppiness

    If you want to show your future boss how lazy and imprecise you can be then by all means scribble out some sentences and hand it in. If you are going for a higher end job, then this would be detrimental to getting selected.
  • Lack of Professionalism

    Each industry has its own lingo and buzzwords, use or spell them improperly would demonstrate a lack of knowledge and education. That's not something you want to do in a situation like this, the opposite is true.
  • Typographical Errors

    Again, it demonstrates a careless person who does sloppy work because they couldn't take the time to look over their work. For people who are expected to do precision work this doesn't bode well to get a position like that.
  • Peoples Names

    Really make an effort to definitely spell the name of the person you sent your resume to. It is an insult to spell the name of the hiring manager incorrectly. That's all you need, to get on their bad side before you even meet them.
  • Solutions

    1. Use a dictionary to look up the words.
    2. Have another person look them over.
    3. Use an automated checker.
Review what you have written to find out if you made any of these resume spelling errors, if you did they can be corrected and you can then feel confident that you did your best. It's just a matter of applying for jobs and getting your name our there to get some offers. If you need to fix some errors and do some writing press the button here to use our free resume creator.
resume spelling errors