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Resume Action Verbs

Give your resume and cover letter a boost by replacing your boring words with these resume action verbs from our list. Add more excitement and importance to your documents.

Do Action Verbs Power Your Resume?

resume action verbs We have assembled this list to make it easy for you to replace your boring, low energy verbs with new ones that will pump up the energy in your pages. You can use the resume action verbs that are more powerful than the words you are currently using. It is a straightforward thing to do. Change out the words that you are currently using with these resume action verbs. Then your new words will have more impact and urgency than the old ones. You will also have the opportunity to check your spelling and grammar while you evaluate your writing.

When you are writing your resume or cover letter, you want your skills and the positions you have held to sound like they were vital to the organization. That you are the best candidate for this new job. Making a simple word change like using the word "implemented" instead of the word "made" sounds more important and effective. Please take a look at the verbs you are currently using and endeavor to replace them where appropriate with new resume action verbs.

We all need every advantage we can get, and this strategy may help. A thesaurus can also be your friend to find more word replacement options. If you find words that are replacement candidates, you can type them into an online thesaurus to identify new substitutes. If you are not sure what the correct replacement would be for your specific word, a thesaurus can supply suitable choices. Then cross-check those suggestions against the words in our list to see if we have them listed, though the thesaurus may suggest better words to use.

These strategies work well for both a resume and cover letter. When you finish your writing, proofread your documents to verify that the substitutions that you made sound natural and are grammatically correct. The goal is to provide a reading experience that will both deliver your message and grab the reader's attention. When drafting new documents plan to write in resume action verbs from the start intentionally, it can make writing the final draft a simpler task.

Resume Action Verbs List

achieve acted as active in adapt administer advise allocate analyze anticipate approve arrange assess assist attend balance budget calculate chaperone clarify coach communicate compare complete conduct construct consult control cooperate coordinate counsel create decide define delegate demonstrate design determine diagnose direct discipline discover display distribute document draft earn edit eliminate employ enact encourage enforce enhance establish estimate evaluate examine express facilitate follow up formulate gain generate grade guide handle identify illustrate implement improve improvise incorporate increase influence inform initiate inspect inspire instruct integrate interact interpret interview investigate involve judge lead lecture locate maintain master mediate modify monitor motivate negotiate observe obtain operate order organize originate oversee participate perceive perform plan predict prepare prescribe present prevent produce propose prove provide publicize publish question realize recognize recommend redesign refer reinforce relate reorganize report represent research resolve review revise schedule screen select serve simplify solve speak standardize stimulate strengthen structure substitute summarize supervise support teach test train transform translate treat