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Social Media and Your Job Search

Learn how to effectively network utilizing your social media profiles to represent yourself as a professional for your job search.

Social Media and Your Job Search

social media and your job search Searching for a job has become synonymous with internet searches and social media integration. The job market sphere is continuously changing and what more adept method of advertising your availability to employers than through your preexisting social media profiles. This whole system is already in place and well ingrained in our society, so why not take advantage of it, and use it to your benefit? Employers do, they use it to check up on potential hires to get a sense of the type of person the applicant is. Knowing this, the system can be used to your advantage by posting and contacting others the right way.

Social Media and Your Job Search a Guide to Help You Get Hired

Get Noticed
It is easy to say that you are going to modify your profiles to land yourself a job, but unless you are aware of how to properly advertise yourself, you may not receive many offers.

Use each individual profile to let employers know that you're available. The type of posting differs depending on the website. Here are a few examples of attention-grabbing postings:

  • I am currently searching for a position as an Accountant. Here is my resume.
  • My resume is up to date and I am interested in a position as a Civil Engineer.
  • Searching for a #job as a Veterinarian Technician, for qualifications see my #resume.
  • #resume is put together, going to interviews to get a job as a #manager.
Be sure to have a link to a public, online copy of your resume like the free one we provide, so that if employers come across your profile, they have access to your contact information.

Network Online
The whole purpose of social media is to network, to meet others and establish connections. Put yourself out there by contacting companies and expressing your interest in their work.

Use the plethora of data available online to research managers and details about specific companies, so that if you do get an interview, you are already familiar with the people working there. Linkedin is a great resource to discover facts about professional individuals.

Create an online, hyperlinked version of your resume, so that employers can easily locate your professional documentation. Also, join industry feeds that are hosted by sites like Twitter. This is an easy way to stay updated and meet others in the field.

"Like" and follow businesses and topics related to your field of study and refer to them in your postings. You never know whose eye you might catch by sharing a posting.

Establish a Professional Image
Being responsible with your social media is crucial to improve your chances of getting hired. A positive online image will set you apart and gain the attention of any passing recruiter. Make sure that you are already maintaining your image with these suggestions; this is going to provide you with such an advantage in the world of business.
  • Google yourself: Don't like what comes up? Does anything show up? You may have the power to change these search results. When you search for your name, you SHOULD appear; only your accomplishments and respective social media profiles should be present.
  • Edit your profiles: It cannot be stressed enough that how you represent yourself on your personal websites WILL affect your job application status.
    • Cut the acquaintances: it can be fun to have over 1,000 friends, but to employers this just appears silly and childish. No one really has 1,000 friends, come on. Limit your friends to 100 or less.
    • Manage your "likes": If it shows up that you liked drugs or some other inappropriate category, even if it was years ago, employers will notice and neglect to give you a call. Go through your likes and remove anything questionable.
    • Edit your postings and pictures: Scrutinize every posting and picture related to you and determine if it is not only appropriate, but positive.
    Learning how to implement social media and your job search is almost intuitive in this day and age, you just have to know how to do it in a professional manner. The profiles that you use to grab an employer's attention are becoming common methods in which people are getting hired. It is through the use of social media that you may more effectively market yourself to potential employers, and hopefully you will use it to your advantage!

    If you would like to post your resume online in our directory press the Start button to begin creating a resume. You can also view our guide showing how to write a resume and other helpful guides.
social media and your job search