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Resume Creator

Our Resume Creator is the new way to write your resumes. Our free to use Resume Creator Management Suite enables you to write, download, print, post, and send from anywhere with your cover letter and much more. If you are not sure what information should be included to fill in the blanks, we will guide you through the process along with our help and tips. The Resume Creator will ask you to enter your information into the blanks offering a step-by-step approach to writing. From there you will choose your template style, colors and fonts. All the documents you create here will use the same style, colors and fonts, so everything matches and looks professional. The Resume Creator will automatically write and format your information for a neat, clean appearance.

Resume Creator

resume creator The Resume Creator suite of tools have no limitations on its use, or the number of resumes that you can print. You can easily update and edit your resume as new job opportunities arise. It is not necessary to join to make resumes, although the Resume Creator is more versatile if you do as more features are available to you. Joining doesn't cost anything either if you choose to do so. You will make your resume then print or download it, and if at that point you would like to join you are more than welcome to do so. Our system allows you to create resumes, cover letters, reference pages, networking business cards, interview thank you letters and more. You will not be asked to pay any fees or charges to use the Resume Creator to create, print, download or send your resume.

Instructions: Please enter your information and selections. Leave an option blank if you elect not to include it. Please choose your favorite resume style below. Click the circle below each image to select your preferred style and click on a thumbnail image to preview each style. The style image outlined in red is your currently selected style.

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