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Resume Logo Selection

Add a logo or photograph to your resume to add greater detail benefitting your professional profile. Learn how to incorporate one throughout your portfolio.

Resume Logo Selection

resume logo selection Including a logo on your resume, cover letter, and other professional documents is not always the perfect option for all careers, but for some, a logo can greatly enhance the appearance and feel of your documents. Instead, you may like to use your photograph if your industry deems that to be appropriate. Unfortunately since we live in a "looks" based society be sure using a photograph of yourself will be a benefit. Also, with anti-discrimination laws in place a photograph offers a lot of information about you. If you decide you want one there is no cost to add this feature.

Resume Logo Selection or Add a Photograph

  • Who Should Include a Logo?

    There are several reasons to consider putting a logo or photograph on your resume or other documents. Additionally, if you have certifications through organizations that are standard in your field, you could include the logo for that particular branch of study which you have completed. If you currently participate in activities through an organization, or you maintain certifications from accredited programs you could benefit from the inclusion of a logo on your resume. Be sure that you obtain permission from that organization, they may be hesitant to allow individuals to use their images and trademarks.

    Finally, there are certain occupations that take well to the incorporation of an image. For example, in an artistic field such as graphic design it can be appropriate to "advertise" yourself with an eye-catching image that that you created.
  • How to Include a Logo with the Free Resume Creator

    Our free creator programs have style templates that automatically have the option to include an image on your documents and are labeled as such. Styles 26 through 30 on the "Style 2" page are the styles that you can select to incorporate the logo option.

    Note that if there comes a time when you decide that you do not wish to have an image any longer, you can easily remove it from view, even without changing the template style.

    To remove the image from view, return to the logo section of the creator and select "No Logo" on the "Logo" page.
  • What if you don't have a logo?

    Don't have your own image? Do not worry about that because we have an archive of professional monograms that are free for you to use; you can select which image will represent you best. In addition to basic monograms we also have the provision for you to use your own photograph or other relevant business or career-based image.
Using the Free Resume Creator program to include a logo or photograph on your resume, cover letter, and other professional documents makes resume logo selection so much easier. The images are provided, or can be easily added, and the formatting is complete and correct through the use of the convenient template styles.

So, get started today, click the button below to incorporate the appropriate images into your documents quickly and easily! Get more career help.
resume logo selection