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Do You Need a Scannable Resume?

If you don't already have a scannable resume, create one now for free. Most companies no longer want to store paper resumes in their files. They scan the resume into their applicant tracking system, where they save it as a computer file, which is why you now need a scannable resume to supplement a paper version. It needs to be written differently from its paper counterpart, specifically in a way that helps the machine they use to capture it accurately. The format used lets their device to create a file from it, that correctly displays your information the way you intended them to see it.

What Is a Scannable Resume?

scannable resume Our no cost Resume Management System will create a scannable resume for you that is properly formatted, to be a tidy, easy to read document. Scannable resumes are written using text in ASCII format, simply choose the ASCII format when you use our Free Resume Creator. We have an example of our ASCII template as well as many other templates that you can view. You will be able to write your resume very easily by following the steps in the creator program. Enter your information into the blanks as each piece of information is requested. There are no costs to use or export your scannable resume, and you can always come back to change it or add to it any time it's needed.

It is a good idea to also have a scannable cover letter on hand. If the employer requests one, you will be fully prepared and ready to go. They can scan that in too. Except for the networking cards, all our creators can generate documents in this format. During document creation with the creator program, you can select the ASCII format on the Style page. Alternatively, when you are on the Preview page, export your resume and other documents as Text. The creator will export the document with the ".txt" extension to ensure compatibility with the employer's scanning equipment.

Make a Scannable Resume

scannable resume Going one step further, we offer you the benefit of building your resume online to increase your chances of being found by an employer. Being in the preferred format for this operation, the employer will see that you are knowledgeable about modern job application methodology. To gain more insight, you are welcome to use the information in our help section which can help you write your resume and cover letter to get the most out of our system. You will still be able to create a scannable resume that is complete, containing all the formatting features we described. You can make an accompanying cover letter and reference page as well. You will be able to create any number of resumes and other documents we offer along with being able to edit them at any time.
scannable resume