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ASCII Format Resume Template

You may need a clean and simple resume and cover letter to send via email or to copy and paste into a form when filling out an online job application. You will like this template very much for those times when you don't want or need all the frills our other templates offer. Simple can be better for many applications. In some situations, the extra formatting and fancy details will be lost or cause interference with the program the employer uses to view your resume. We wrote this ASCII resume template using preformatted text. We wrote it using a monospaced font and the color black. We designed it to have simple text with a basic design, which is what we have used for this style. The preformatted text has a consistent look in a viewer, like Windows Notepad, for example, because of its built-in properties. You can choose this ASCII style template for your scannable resume if you need one.

How do you write an ASCII resume? We made it very easy for you to build one when you use our system. Type in your information and facts, click or tap a few buttons, then out comes your resume and more. When building your resume, select the ASCII style on the Style page. The font and colors will be preselected and won't affect the outcome since this format fixes the font family and colors to be a monospaced font and black, respectively. We preset these two settings due to the inherent properties of this format. Of course, if you use the program and you decide that you want another style or format, you can change it very easily with a click of the mouse or tap of your finger.

Resume Template ASCII Text Format