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Writing Resume Skills With Examples

Writing Resume Skills With Examples: Learn how to write and format the Skills Section of a resume to gain the attention of employers. Use action verbs and keywords to make yourself stand out.

Writing Resume Skills With Examples

writing resume skills with examples It is not always necessary to include a skills section in your resume. However, most candidates find that as they apply for jobs employers can more easily visualize their strengths and abilities after reading brief descriptions listing publicly on a resume. Writing resume skills makes it easier for the employer to find the information they are looking for in short order. If you are going to add this section to your document there are a few things to keep in mind as you are taking up prime real estate on your resume.

Writing Resume Skills With Examples a Guide With Help and Tips


You cannot simply slap a skills section on to your resume without prior thought. You need to assess the entire page and determine where that section will logically fit in with your other information. Before typing the section on to your page, prepare a few things first.
  • Evaluate your worth and accomplishments that you have accumulated and make a list of jobs and positions that you have worked. Record anything that you feel you may have gained from those experiences.
  • See the list of Top Job Skills Employers Like to See and take what you have gained from your repertoire and make it fit into one of the categories.
  • Use a standard job skill as your heading and list with two or three bullets underneath of that skill, reasons why your job experience has earned you that skill. Incorporate the use of action verbs and keywords in your bullet points to emphasize your success.
  • Connect each one that you list to a general goal that is related to your field that you wish to accomplish.
  • Arrange all of your headings from most descriptive and important to least impressive.
Top Job Skills Employers Like to See

There are endless combinations of job skills that you could potentially list, but some stand out more than others to employers as being desirable. If you describe yourself as having one of these powerful skills in the workplace, and have the experience to support your reasoning, your resume could stand out to employers.
  • Technical
  • Software or Language Proficiency
  • Analytical
  • Team-Building
  • Customer Service
  • Communication
  • Astounding Work Ethic
Listing any of these skills on a resume with detailed personal information to relate to them will typically make a resume stand out as these are the most sought-after.

Skills Section Examples

Now that you have a working idea of what should be involved in this section, observe these examples to get a feel for how to adapt your own personal work history to a general skill.
  • Communication Skills
    • Conducted several meetings every week, addressing a crowd of fifty employees to inform them of daily changes of company activity.
    • Corresponded with twenty department heads to correlate each individual department's needs biweekly.
  • Team-Building Skills
    • Implemented a weekly meeting system in which staff members congregate to educate one another about the various systems and equipment usage.
    • Participated in All Star Team fifty hour training and received certificate in Team Management.
Writing resume skills with examples can be an incredibly beneficial addition to your resume if you are aware of how to incorporate it correctly. Remember to only include what you feel will really set you apart because every space on your resume is competing with this section. This guide describes how you can be on the right track to appropriately integrate your no cost resume with an impressive skills section.
writing resume skills with examples