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Resume Section Sorting

Learn to optimize the formatting to grasp the attention of the employer. Choosing the layout of your resume is almost as important as the information that is included in it.

Format Your Resume Sections

resume section sorting Our Free Resume Creator program is convenient in that it provides you with six different choices for section sorting {formatting). As you scroll through and view all the templates you can choose the style that works best for you. The first and second templates are the most popular choices displayed here. Different formatting is required for specific instances, which is why we supplement each type of resume with a formatting selector. Of course, the purpose of a resume is to illuminate your strengths and accomplishments. So be sure that whatever will catch a recruiter's eye is front and center and easy to view.

Use Resume Section Sorting to Optimize the Formatting

  • Inadequate Experience
    There are instances in which your work experience may not be the most plentiful. Perhaps you have recently graduated from a University or you have an employment gap to explain.

    The method that should be employed to distract the reader from these details is to highlight some of your other related, non-working experiences and accomplishments. Employers may see you as a viable candidate even though your experience is lacking by drawing their eyes away from the actual work and employment section.
  • Minimal Education
    Perhaps you have only completed high school or less. There are ways in which you may include your education on a resume even if it is less than what a company requires.

    List your experience, jobs, and relevant activities first before mentioning education. The reader will then notice your skill set first and foremost before questioning your level of education.
  • Irrelevancy
    Are you entering a new field and feel that most of your experience is not relevant? There are elements on which you may focus to prove your competence and willingness to participate in this new line of work.

    Are your education or experience not pertinent to the position for which you want to apply? Do a bit of research to see if there are any parallels between your field and the new field. If there is absolutely nothing in common, strip down your experiences and accomplishments to what they are worth, their characteristic qualities. Often employers wish to see redeeming qualities in those they hire, such as work ethic, honesty, and efficiency.

    If you demonstrate any of these characteristics through the experience listed on your resume, you may have a chance of getting a job that is slightly unrelated to your field. If you need more tips on how to enter a different field with your current skills, see our article about transferring your job skills.
  • You should now have a better idea about choosing the correct section order for your resume. Whichever order you do choose will be ready and available for you to select in our Free Resume Creator, click below to begin!
resume section sorting