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Resume Contact Information

Resume Contact Information: Discover all the personal information that you should include in the contact section of your resume to make it more effective and how to correctly display it.

Resume Contact Information

resume contact information You resume is really just a glorified business card, it contains all the personal and professional details needed to sell yourself to a potential employer. The first thing that anyone who picks up this document is going to notice is a large header containing all of your details. What most people don't realize is that the detail and presentation of this section is incredibly significant as a first impression to the reader. There are several facets of data that must be included in this header, and only certain formats are acceptable.

Resume Contact Information a Guide of Best Practices

  • Basic Elements of Your Contact Information

    First things first, the only piece of information that separates you from the rest of the world is your name. Not a nickname, or a shortened version, but your full, legal name. Put your name at the top of the page in a bold, slightly larger font. This should stand out from the rest of your data.

    The next key detail of your contact section is an email address. The whole purpose of a resume is to come across as professional and formal, so choose your email address wisely.

    For example, do not choose an inappropriate sounding email, stick with the basics and pick a variation of your name. If your name is Jane Doe your email could be presented as: jane.doe@email.com, jdoe@email.com, or j.doe@email.com. All these emails are professional sounding and relevant to you.

    After your email you need to list a business-related mailing address. Include your street address, city, state, zip code, and finally a telephone number which you can be reached at during normal business hours.

    If you would like to include links to your social media profiles, you may at this point. But beware, if you are associating your personal websites on your resume you had better make sure that there is absolutely nothing inappropriate for a work environment on any of them.
  • Additional Information

    Now that your basic contact information is set up, and your header appears professionally prepared, there are some additional sections that you may add if you feel it necessary.

    If you are asked to include an objective statement you would insert it here. However, this section is rather obsolete and most companies do not wish to see it.

    The last section that can be included is a skills section. Write in bulleted format, with twelve words or less exactly what your most specialized and valuable skills are. This is your opportunity to market yourself to companies and display what you could potentially bring to a business. Make this section count as it is often overlooked. More writing instructions.
The resume contact information section is the first section that your reader is going to see, so you must make sure that it is presentable, professional, and impressive. If you follow all these tips as you are creating your resume you will be on the right track to successfully completing your portfolio. Our free creator program can make this an easy task click below to begin!
resume contact information