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Worst Resume Mistakes

Nobody's perfect; here are the most common and worst resume mistakes that people make while creating a portfolio. Learn how to correct and avoid these mistakes with this guide.

Worst Resume Mistakes

worst resume mistakes Resume writing is all-encompassing and requires the proficiency of various skills. There are countless mistakes that are made during the creation of these professional documents.

With some training and a little help you can create a top-notch resume that is sure to impress. Some of these mistakes may seem simple; most errors seem like common sense, but you'd be surprised how frequently people make these typical, yet obvious mistakes.

Worst Resume Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Without further introduction, we present the worst resume mistakes made by writers everywhere. Don't worry; we will explain how to fix them too.
  • Unprofessionalism
    Do not provide a link to any website that has inappropriate content. For example, you may think that by linking to your Facebook page, you are providing the employer with more information about yourself, but stop and think for a minute. Is that picture of you hanging out in a bar really the example of your professional image that you want a potential employer to see? If you are going to link to your social media profile clean it up first.

    In addition, be sure that all of your contact information, especially your email address, is professional sounding.
  • Objective Statement
    The trend seems to say that objective statements are old news, so don't include one unless you are specifically required to do so. Your resume should be about what you can offer to a company, not what you want to get out of the situation.
  • Including Too Much
    Sometimes when you are interviewing for a position it is not necessary to explain every detail about your professional career. Tailor your writing to include the most important details about your accomplishments and skills.
  • Improper Pronoun Usage
    Remember you shouldn't be speaking in the first person. Avoid using pronouns like I and me. All of your descriptions should be about the accomplishments and expertise you have acquired over the time you have spent working in your field.
  • Listing Your High School
    Do not list your high school under the education section if you have a higher level of education.
  • Forgetting to Proofread
    This mistake carries through to every document you will ever write. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to check your spelling and grammar throughout the page.
The mistakes mentioned earlier seem to be pretty obvious and easy to fix. However, most resumes out there contain at least one of them. Don't be an offender of even one of these worst resume mistakes! Take care and manage your portfolio with these tips, and when in doubt, use the Free Resume Creator (press button below) to gain a significant advantage and avoid some of these issues.
worst resume mistakes