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Center Aligned Resume Template Style 15

For those who like to have everything straight and centered, you will love this template for your resume. All of your details are aligned straight down the middle of the page. Prominently displayed, you will find your name on the first line in a larger, bold typeface. The addresses you will enter next are positioned one after another, each on their individual lines. Your contact addresses and more are clearly defined and easily found.

Beyond that are the section labels, which are also in a larger, bold typeface. They have full-width horizontal rules below them, marking the beginning of your important data. The labels for your job titles and degrees have center alignment. The jobs and schools have the names positioned to the left, with the dates placed to the right. Important, targeted facts that are specific to your future job application are written as bulleted lists, as is normally done on a resume.

Remember that your references are normally not put on the resume itself. This practice only takes up unnecessary space and goes against that, which is considered proper protocol. If you like, you can choose to have the customary "References Available Upon Request" line at the bottom. Then, you can create a separate page for your references, we have a creator specifically designed to help you do that. Don't forget your cover letter, you will need that too. When filling out the job application form, the company will normally request the information they need from you. Follow the protocols needed to complete the application as the company's Human Resources department defines them. You can export this template and many other templates, each with different styles and features from our Resume Creator.

Resume Template Style 15