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Basic Resume Template 6

Here is a basic, general-purpose resume template that can be optimized to fit most job and education profiles. Because of the wide range of modifications and choices available with our templates, you can edit them to fit almost every job. This versatility is a valuable asset because it is a simple matter of clicking buttons to change features of the resume to match each job application. Style number six has features such as a clearly defined name and address at the top. There is sufficient space between the name and address section and the content below. The Skills and Objectives sections have adequate space to keep the facts organized and clearly visible for a quick read.

The Education and Employment sections include the business and institution names, addresses, degrees earned, job titles, and dates as applicable. We placed these facts on two single-spaced lines. The single-spaced details of each entry are below the dates. The schools and jobs themselves are spaced apart for organizational purposes, to keep these facts separated. Set to the left are the facts except for the dates, cities, and states, which will be on the right. Our Free Resume Creator program is the means used to obtain this basic style. This style can be used with all of our programs not including the Business Cards Creator because cards obviously use different formatting than a letter-size page.

Resume Template Style 6