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Chronological Resume Template Style 11 for Free Resume Creator

Resume Template Style 11 is one of our awesome template styles from the Resume4Free Free Resume Management System. You can get this resume template, style eleven, or choose from many others that are provided by our Free Resume Management System. The level of customization provided by this system is top-notch, enabling you to write a first-class resume and cover letter. There are many more essential documents available to further your career goals, all of which you can create for free within the system.

The sections in this template show the dates first, then the job titles and degree titles next. This would bring more attention to the chronology and titles of each section. If you need to mention the consistency of your employment dates, this could be a good style for you.

Style Eleven is a variation of some of our other templates. It may look similar to some of our other templates. However, there are minor differences that do have an impact on how your information is received. We switched around the various elements of each section. We show different parts first compared to some of the other styles. In some of the parts, the fonts are larger or are boldface. Please export this style from our Free Resume Creator. If you need a cover letter or reference page, you can get them all with this same style.

Resume Template Style 11