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Colored Border Resume Template 9

If you like things to be organized, then you will like this resume template with its colored borders. A border divides each section, so there is no question which section is which. Your career information is neatly isolated and organized. There won't be any confusion about which section your facts are pertinent. Use the proper keywords to focus your facts for the job even more.

Colored Border Template number nine is similar to number eight, with the difference being the borders, of course, and the section titles not being underlined. The remainder of the layout is the same. The order of the names, the addresses, and the details are the same in all areas. The fonts and font sizes are also the same. If you liked style eight, you might like this one better and the other way around. Within the Free Resume Creator program, you can both download this template and also select the color of the borders on the Colors page, it is the Accent Color setting.

When using any template be careful to spell your words correctly, use proper grammar and incorporate action verbs into your writing. The first impression the interviewer will get from you is from what they will read from your resume. Make it your mission to employ the proper writing techniques, it could be the tiebreaker the interviewer needs to choose the best of two candidates. Which is you, of course!

Resume Template Style 9