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Colorful Resume Template Style 14

A nice, colorful template with its bordering lines above and below each section heading can be customized to display your favorite colors for both the borders and text. We aligned your contact details to the left with your name written with a larger size font. There are plenty of methods for the employer to contact you about the job. They can pick from your street address, email address, two separate telephone numbers, or a web address for your LinkedIn profile. The employer will use whichever method to contact you; they deem to be compatible with their hiring process.

The sections have capitalized heading titles that discern what is contained in each section quickly. The business and school names are listed first with the date on the right side. The employer can scan down the right side to do a quick survey of how stable your employment dates are. Your job titles and degree titles are bolded to make them more apparent.

We have several templates that also use borders like this, numbers 3, 4, 27, and 28. Numbers 27 and 28 also have provisions for displaying a monogram or picture. If you like this type of look, you may want to check out those styles too. Your goal is to include as much relevant information that you possibly can while still keeping the length limited to one or two pages. You can accomplish this feat by using several strategies.

Pick a template that has a sufficient level of compactness to arrange everything in such a way that it uses the real estate on the page efficiently. Pick a smaller font size or more compact font family. And lastly, cut out the less pertinent facts, fine-tune them to include only the most powerful facts. Acquire this style fourteen template from our Resume Builder program.

Resume Template Style 14