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Compact Resume Template Style 5

Are you an applicant with an extensive education or employment history? This compact resume template may be what you need. A problem you may encounter when writing your resume is that you have too much information to fit on one page. There needs to be a balance between adding a complete record of your career history and not overwhelming the reader with a resume that has too much information. To help with this problem we have an article about how to make your resume more effective. Careful evaluation of your career history is needed to include only the relevant facts; this will make writing the content more manageable.

Upon inspection of this compact resume template, the first item noticed is your name, which we aligned to the left. It is very noticeable due to a much larger font and it being boldface. We aligned the relevant contact information to the right side of the page. The details are separated from your personal information by a thin underline. The heading titles are in line with the first line of the content in each section. This collapses the data into a more compact form letting more info to be put on each page. To be sure we don't have a resume that looks cluttered and difficult to read, we must exercise care in the addition of the content.

We write the names of each business and school in a bold font. On the right side are the dates of each event, a quick visual scan down the right side reveals the consistency of your work and education histories. If you have gaps in your dates you may not want to use this compact template. However, we do have many, many more, one of them should work; each one has its specific purpose. There are different styles to help alleviate each user's individual resume writing issue. Get this template by using our Free Resume Creator.

Resume Template Style 5