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Second Most Popular Resume Template Style 2

Here is the second most popular template chosen by our users. It has a simple, yet elegant design that aligns the information to the left, except for the top contact information, which is centered. All the fonts on the entire page are the same size except for the section headings. They are all caps with bold lettering. The name and contact information are at the top of the page and centered with a horizontal line below.

We spaced each section out to organize the details of each section neatly, the headings being all caps, aid in separating the sections for better organization of your data. The names of the companies and the schools are bold to make them more noticeable than the surrounding text. The company names and school names have their cities and states directly below them, with the attributes of each one displayed in a list with bullet points as is customary.

Having the details presented in this fashion tends to spread them out, making this popular template a good choice for when the applicant is short on jobs or education. Placing everything within lines traveling down the page in succession can make what you write appear to be more substantial than what it actually is. It can't take nothing and make something out of it, but this template's design can help to cure a sparse looking document.

Not everyone has a stellar career, so the white space and orientation of each element could help with this problem. This arrangement is also ideal for newbies or long-term workers with a small number of jobs. The same applies to someone with limited education. You can arrange the sections to optimize the focus of the data to help cover up deficient aspects of your career. Try our Free Resume Creator to access this template. After you finish, you can make as many cover letters and reference pages as you want. Learn how to write these documents from our career tips library.

Resume Template Style 2