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Simple to Use Resume Template Style 8 for Free Resume Creator

This resume template has a simple to use layout that is straightforward and direct to the point, making the facts within readily attainable. For the few seconds a Human Resource person spends viewing the resumes that job applicants submit, they must instantly realize the facts presented on the pages. The spacing of this design evenly distributes the info on the page in a linear fashion.

Listed on top of each other are the applicant's name, address, and other contact information. The name uses a font size that is 120 percent larger than the rest of the words. The other words on the page are all the same font size and font family. The alignment of all the words is to the left, including the underlined section titles, which are all caps. The underlined section titles effectively separate each section. The dates are listed first on the associated lines, the institution and business names are on the same line, followed by the city and state of each school and workplace. The position titles and university degrees are boldface and are listed next under the lines with the dates. Next, listed in short bulleted sentences are the facts.

This straightforward template is easy to use and customize, you can get it from our Resume Creator. You are free to read this article to avoid some of the worst resume mistakes and this other article about picking keywords to add into your writing.

Resume Template Style 8