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Backgrounds and Borders Resume Template Style 19

If you like colorful backgrounds and borderlines, this is the template for you. With all that is happening visually in this style, it has become very popular, and the full-width bars make nice additions too. Your name and the section headings reside inside a full-width colorful background. Full-width borderlines surround each colorful background on the top and the bottom. Your name is first. Then your contact information is divided with half of it on the left and the other half on the right. All the dates are on the right.

If you need a template that will stretch out your education and employment info, this would be a good style choice. Style twenty is similar, but we spaced its sections out a bit more than they are in this one. It might be a better fit if you are short on content about which to write. Trying a bigger font size or a font that has more spacing between the letters can help too. Build your resume with our creator, then download it when you are finished. There are no payments or credit cards needed. It is free of charge! You can find the link to the creator in the navigation menu on the above right. Be sure to make use of the help that is presented on each page to make full use of the program. Special tips are marked with light bulbs to bring attention to their presence, take extra care to read their messages.

Resume Template Style 19