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Top Resume Trends for 2019

Keeping your knowledge and skills up to date is now the top trend for job seekers who want to get hired for the top jobs. This includes using new tactics when writing your resume and cover letter.

A Modern Resume Writing Method

top resume trends for 2019 The recruiter will scan the first 33% of your resume to determine if the rest of it is worthy of being read. The hiring manager will undoubtedly need to evaluate numerous resumes, their time is not unlimited. This is why it is so important to develop a strategy before you begin your writing. Employing these new tactics for 2019 you will demonstrate your ability to adapt by keeping up with the current trends. These tactics can be applied to both your resume and your cover letter because they are both part of a complete "self promotion package." Although cover letters aren't normally electronically submitted to the employer's application tracking system they still may be needed to hand to the employer directly. Another part would be your Reference page.

Contemporary Resume Tactics for 2019

This collection of top resume trends can help to separate you from your competition. When two or more applicants have similar qualifications incorporating modern tactics such as these could be the deciding factor.
  • Dump the Objective?
    The Objective Statement used to be an important component of a resume, the current trend appears to be leaning more toward not using one. Having a Skills section instead that describes your traits and how they can benefit the new organization is more useful to an employer. The old Objective just talks about your needs, the employer is more interested in their own needs and how you can benefit them. You can also create your own custom section to more deeply explain the benefits you will provide.
  • Soft Skills / People Skills / Emotional Intelligence
    From old school terminology this was always called "people skills" which meant you worked well with others. Then, it became "soft skills" as compared to "hard skills" which are your actual job skills. Now using current terminology this is called "Emotional Intelligence." Employers are interested in hiring candidates who work well in teams and get along well with their coworkers. This trait can maximize a group's productivity. When writing in the various sections and within the bullet points, try to provide examples of your people skills. Don't say you have people skills show examples of them instead.
  • Writing for Applicant Tracking Systems
    More and more companies are now using an electronic search system known as an "Applicant Tracking System" (ATS). With this system recruiters have resumes electronically entered into the system. Then, they set up search parameters and the system automatically checks the resumes in its database to find what it "thinks" are qualified candidates. Ultimately a human being must verify the appropriateness of the selections, but it does save the Human Resources department a good bit of time. Unlike a few years ago you are not only writing for people, now you are also writing for a machine.

    How does one write like that? It's not as difficult as it sounds. You merely revisit the employer's job posting and incorporate the keywords the employer used in their post into your writing. Do this with a natural flow so it doesn't seem like you just shoved these words into your sentences. Make what you write read like these words are a normal part of your everyday work terminology. This writing strategy is also suitable for your cover letter.
  • Get a Pro Email Address
    Get yourself a modern email address from Gmail or one that is tied to your own website. Don't show your age by using an outdated AOL, Hotmail or Yahoo email address. Keep any unprofessional words out of your email address. Using your name as part of the address is a good way to go, i.e. tsmith@email.com or t.smith@email.com.
  • Associate With Social Media
    You most likely already have a Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account. If so ensure that they contain professional content and that they don't expose anything inappropriate to an inquiring employer. If your profile is personal in nature don't use it on your resume. Make your personal profile private or better yet, clean it up, then create a new professional page. You should have a LinkedIn page, if you do, rework it so it essentially mirrors your resume. However, the subject matter can be more in-depth as compared to what is written on your resume. You can put the web address of your LinkedIn profile on your resume so the employer can obtain more information if they want it. The employer will most likely search for you online anyway so be transparent and don't let them find anything on your social media pages that you couldn't tell them or show them face-to-face.
  • Tailor Your Resume
    Instead of writing a single resume, then sending it out to every job you want, write one for each job to target each job specifically. Use the tips in the Applicant Tracking System section above and our keywords page for examples.
  • Trim the Fat
    The goal isn't to put words on a page to fill it up, it is to make your value known. Reread your writing to cut out useless words and get to the point.
  • Spelling and Grammar
    The Applicant Tracking System will pick up on spelling and grammar errors very easily, exposing how diligent you are, and your level of education. Add some action verbs while you are at it to rev up your writing.
Review this list of resume trends, evaluate your resume and make updates that are aligned with what is needed in 2019. You can find more tactics in our career building library. If you didn't begin writing yet think about these tactics, use them to plan ahead. What are you going to include? To make it easy on yourself you can write it using our free creator as well as a cover letter and reference page if you need one.